Pets in U.S. National Parks & Forests

Find pet policies for National Parks & Recreation Areas; National Forests; and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Areas in the U.S.

Many U.S. National Parks allow you to have pets in national parks. As each park has a unique experience for you, they each offer different experiences with your pet. Be sure to check out rules and regulations for each location to know exactly where your dog is allowed.

U.S. National Parks – Pet Policies

In general, national parks welcome pets in developed areas, on many trails and campgrounds, and in some lodging facilities. Pets must be restrained either on a leash no longer than 6 feet, crated or caged.

National Park Service (NPS) is an agency of the federal government of the United States that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties. The National Park System includes all properties managed by the NPS, which have a wide variety of titles or designations, including national monuments, preserves, military parks, battlefield parks, historic sites, memorials, seashores, lakeshores, rivers, wild and scenic riverways, recreation areas, and trails system.

Visiting National Parks with Pets
Find out which parks allow pets, which ones prohibit them, and things you need to know to enjoy your visit with your furry friends.

Hiking with Pets
Some national parks welcome pets on trails. Before you go, get some tips on hiking with pets in parks.

B.A.R.K. Ranger Program
Some national parks offer a B.A.R.K. Ranger program as a way to encourage responsible national park travel with dogs and educate visitors with pets about the park’s rules. Dogs participating in the program are sworn in as Bark Rangers, and their owners can purchase a special tag for their dog’s collar; now your pet can collect Bark Ranger tags at more than thirty locations across the country.

U.S. National Forests – Pet Policies

Pets are allowed in all national forests, but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times while in developed recreation areas and on interpretive trails. Most other areas within the national forests do not require dogs to be on a leash, but they should be under control at all times.

U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that administers the nation’s 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands. The Forest Service manages 193 million acres of land.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management – Pet Policies

Dogs are welcome on most BLM-managed trails. Please check the trail website or call the local BLM field office for specific leash policies. BLM-managed lands offer numerous opportunities for hiking ranging from small foot paths through untrammeled wilderness to National Historic Trails with developed trail heads and interpretation centers.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior responsible for administering federal lands. Most BLM public lands are located in these 12 western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Best Dog-Friendly Public Lands
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