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Flying Your Pet by Private Jet

For journeys where driving or taking a train with your pet are impractical, there’s another alternative that may actually be more accessible than most people think: flying a private jet. While chartering a private jet can cost more than flying in first class or business class, the personalized service can be worth the upgrade. Private charters are more pet-friendly than flying commercial. If booking by the seat, passengers might only be allowed to bring a dog weighing up to 35 pounds that can sit on a lap, unless they buy a second seat. If chartering the whole plane, furry friends can likely travel too with few restrictions; most charter services allow animals, regardless of size, to fly in the cabin as passengers close to their owners.

Keep in mind, when booking private jets, you aren’t always dealing with the actual operator of the plane. Charter brokers typically source planes from a network of operators who fly the aircraft, although operators will also market their own aircraft and source others on a charter basis as needed.

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