Pet Friendly Timeshares

Although hotels worldwide are increasingly beginning to offer rooms which are pet friendly, these properties are sometimes not adequately equipped to make your stay comfortable for your beloved animal companion. Many pet owners (and particularly dog lovers) prefer the convenience of pet friendly timeshares (extended-stay properties) and timeshare resorts, which offer additional perks and pet-friendly features both en suite and on site.


When most people think of timeshares, they assume that you have to be an owner to stay in one of these properties. Thanks to the expansion of the for sale and for rent by owner market, however, timeshare rentals have become an exceedingly popular and increasingly cost-effective option.

There are dozens of fantastic pet friendly timeshares throughout the United States and Canada. These resorts cater to guests with pets and aim to make your vacation as comfortable as possible; some even offer pet-centric amenities and services such on site parks and walking trails, animal daycare and spa treatments for your pet. For dogs especially, timeshares with nearby or on-site recreation activities are appropriate choices to ensure that your canine gets the proper exercise to make his or her stay as agreeable and relaxing as possible.

While there are an ever-increasing array of pet friendly timeshare resorts to choose from, some areas in the United States are generally more pet-friendly than others. Like people, dogs like to feel the surf, wet-sand and the crisp-ocean air so timeshares in coastal areas are particularly desirable for dog owners. Oregon, with its miles upon miles of shoreline, walking trails and world-class hiking is well-known as one of the premier pet friendly vacation states in the country, with states like Maine, California and Florida not far behind. Just remember that while many of these states feature a large number of pet friendly beaches, many have leash laws that are strictly enforced.


Pet owners should conduct a certain amount of research before planning a trip to ensure that their pet will not only be accepted at the resort, but will also be accepted in the area surrounding the resort. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pet friendly timeshare resort:

  1. Consider your companion’s comfort level when choosing a resort destination. Long car trips and flights might not be too taxing on your constitution, but your pet might think otherwise. Consider a destination that is a bit closer to home so that your pet can travel comfortably with you.
  2. Owners can also check beforehand to see if there are any pet friendly restaurants in the area surrounding their resort. Many dining establishments with outdoor, open air seating now welcome canine companions.
  3. Remember that while many hotels and resorts are animal accommodating, some do have weight limits and breed restrictions. Be sure to call ahead before renting any room or suite to verify the resort’s policies, and be sure to adhere to all leash policies and to clean up after your pet.

Once you’ve found the perfect timeshare resort, don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toy along with any food, collars, leashes and crates you will need during your trip! With pet friendly timeshares, it’s possible for the whole family to have an exciting and memorable vacation. For more information, or to find the perfect pet friendly timeshare for your next trip, visit