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Pet Travel Tips and Resources

1. Bring adequate water in the car or with the kennel and bring enough of your pet's preferred food as it might not be available everywhere.

2. ALWAYS keep your pet on a leash when outside a vehicle it's too easy to become separated in a strange place.

3. Use a carrier for all pets under 20 pounds, use a safety harness that clips to seat belts for all others.

4. Pets should have collars and ID tags, at a minimum, in case pet and owner are separated. ID tattoos and a microchip are a preference, and owners should also carry a recent photo of their pet to help describe him/her if needed. Owners should also have a document in their car giving permission to treat the animal, or where to house them, in case of an accident. You also need alternate names, phone numbers & instructions as to who to contact.

5. NEVER leave a pet in a closed vehicle oven-like temperatures can build up in minutes, even on cool days.

6. Be careful when introducing your pet to strangers, especially don't allow curious children or adults to approach your pet without your supervision.

7. NEVER let your pet approach an animal in the wild.

8. Prepare your pet for travel with effective flea and tick medication.

9. Be mindful of your pet's personal needs and limitations how far they can comfortably walk, is their preferred food available, how frequently do they need to stop for a break, etc.

10. ALWAYS clean up after your pet.


Petplan Pet Travel Guide
Petplan's "The Globetrotter's Pet Travel Guide" features veterinarian-approved tips for traveling with pets. The guide covers everything from traveling by planes, trains and automobiles to a checklist of what items to pack for pets. And if Bowser is staying behind at home, also included are tips for boarding and pet-sitting options to make sure pets are well taken care of while their family is away.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets
Tips to show you how to keep yourself and your pet calm and comfortable, no matter what distance or mode you travel.

Humane Society of the United States - Travel Safely with Your Pet by Car, Airplane, Ship or Train
When making travel decisions, choose what is safest and most comfortable for your pet.

American Humane Association - Traveling With Your Pet
Things you should know about taking your pet with your on your journey.

Tips for Traveling With Your Pets
Tips and resources for pet travel.
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