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Pet Friendly Travel in the News

Airport bathrooms for animals provide relief for travelers and their pets
May 1, 2016

At a time when many people are in an uproar over who gets to use which restroom facility, itís refreshing to hear a bathroom story that few should take offense with. The Columbus Dispatch reported on April 30, 2016 via the Associated Press that larger airports will soon be required to provide bathrooms for animals, and one such facility is already in place at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

With so many traveling with companion and therapy animals today, it was evident that a solution was needed to provide an area for pets to relieve themselves that wouldnít require a trip outside with the hassle of an additional wait through security. The JFK facility, a 70-square-foot room complete with fire hydrant, has proven to be a hit with four-legged travelers, and similar relief stations are also already in place at OíHare (Chicago), Dulles International (Washington, D.C.), and Seattle-Tacoma International. Pet Friendly Travel provides a more comprehensive list of what airports provide both indoor and outdoor animal bathroom facilities.

Airports that serve over 10,000 passengers annually will be required to have bathrooms available for animals no later than August of this year. There is no stipulation at this time that separate facilities be provided for different species.

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