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Do Dogs Sunburn? Can’t All Dogs Swim? Offers Advice on Fun at the Beach
And Where to Take Pets for a Stroll on the Sand

Hollywood, CA, June 13, 2006 -- The Dog Days of Summer can be a perfect time to enjoy the beach with your pet – provided you take some simple steps for your animal’s safety – and make sure your dog or other animal companion is welcome on that stretch of sand and surf.

Pet travel expert Tracey Thompson, founder of, provides website visitors with answers to five common questions – plus a new listing of beaches across the country that welcome dogs, including each site’s pet rules and regulations.

According to Thompson, five common summer-time pet queries (and answers) are:

1) Do dogs sunburn?
Yes, particularly those with short hair, white fur, and pink skin. Exposure should be limited during the day and sunblock applied to ear tips, nose and other hairless areas. It’s a good idea to give thin-coated white dogs a light all-over application.

2) Can’t all dogs swim?
No. Certain breeds with heavy body types and short legs such as Basset Hounds and English Bulldogs just aren’t built well for swimming. Not all dogs instinctively know how to swim. Even with breeds known for water rescue, individual animals may be afraid of the water. Always introduce a young animal gradually to water. NEVER throw a dog into the water. And remember that even strong human swimmers can tire and drown in fast currents.

3) Can I just let my pet run on the beach?
Most beaches, except for designated off-leash “dog beaches,” require visiting dogs to be kept on a leash. This is for the safety of dogs as well as people.

4) Can dogs drink the water?
Not at ocean beaches. Salt water makes dogs sick – just like humans. And salt water can also damage your dog’s coat. Rinse dogs with fresh water after an ocean swim. And bring clean, fresh water for them to drink.

5) What are some key safety tips?
• Learn the danger signs of heat stroke — rapid panting, staggering, excessive salivation. Immerse your animal in cool water and seek medical attention fast if you suspect heat stroke.
• Hot sand can burn paws — if you need flip-flops, don’t let your pet suffer.
• Don’t let your dog overdo it; swimming and running on the sand can be physically taxing, especially for older animals or those out of shape.
• Watch out for dangerous items your dog might eat or chew – fishing lures are obvious, but jellyfish can be dangerous, too.
• Never leave your pet unattended.

Thomson says some visitors searching for beaches that welcome dogs (a growing list that’s available at the link (on also ask, “What can I do to make dogs welcome at more beaches?” She advises, “Obey each site’s rules. Always keep your dog on a leash unless at a designated off-leash beach, or under voice control when off-leash. And ALWAYS clean up after your pet.”

About Pet Friendly Travel
Founded in 2000 by Emmy Award-winning children’s television producer Tracey Thomson, provides easy access to pet friendly accommodations in the US and Canada, including dog and pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, cabins, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, cottages, resorts and lodges. The site’s business partners comprise more than 1,000 separate listings, including private vacation rental owners and property management companies. Especially popular for summer travelers are listed vacation rental properties on the beach, among them Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, MA; The Outer Banks and Topsail Island, NC; Hilton Head, SC; Tybee Island, GA; Galveston, TX; all of Florida; and the California and Oregon coasts. also provides information on dog and pet friendly restaurants, beaches, parks, campgrounds, air travel with pets and airline pet policies.

For additional information:
Tracey Thompson

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Brainerd Communicators

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