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Dog Parks in Canada

Find dog parks and dog off-leash areas in Canada.

Ten Tips for Dog Park Etiquette:
1. Know each dog park's rules, and follow them.
2. Keep your dog leashed until you're inside the park's fenced area.
3. Never leave your dog unattended, even in an off-leash dog park.
4. Maintain voice control over your dog at all times.
5. If your dog starts to play too rough, leash him or her and leave the park immediately.
6. Don't bring toys that dogs could fight over to the dog park.
7. Keep your dog's vaccinations up-to-date.
8. Never bring a female dog in heat to a dog park.
9. Always clean up after your dog.
10. A dog park is not a great place for small children -- if children are with you, watch them closely.


Banff: Banff Off-Leash Dog Park, Hawk Ave, Banff, AB
The 1.5 acre fully-fenced dog park is located on Hawk Avenue on the South side near the Industrial District entrance.

Calgary: Dog Off-Leash Areas in Parks
Calgary has 150 public off-leash areas in multi-use parks.

Canmore: Quarry Lake Dog Park, Spray Lakes Road, Canmore, AB T1W 2M3
Located on Spray Lakes Road, Quarry Lake Park be accessed by car, bicycle or on foot from Canmore. One of Canmore's favourite parks, the area boasts amenities such as picnic tables, grass lawns, sitting benches, swimming area, walking trail, sightseeing benches, pit toilets and also has an off-leash dog park.

Cochrane: Off-Leash Areas & Parks
Cochrane has two dog off-leash areas: along the river between the bridge at the south end of River Avenue and the east end of Griffin Road, opposite Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre; and under the Bow River bridge, just west of Highway 22. Access parking from Griffin Rd west of Highway 22 (boat launch); walk west under the bridge. Dogs must be leashed until the off-leash area. There is also an enclosed dog park in this space.

Edmonton: Off-Leash Area Sites
There are over 40 sites in Edmonton where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Grande Prairie: South Bear Creek Off Leash Dog Park
The City of Grande Prairie currently has one fully fenced dog park, located in South Bear Creek Park. Benches, dog waste bag dispensers and trash receptacles are provided. In addition, three neighborhood off-leash areas are based in the north half of the city to provide service equivalent to what the South Bear Creek dog park provides in the south half of the city.

Jasper National Park Off-Leash Area
The off-leash area is located at the corner of Highway 93A and Sleepy Hollow Road. The off-leash area can be accessed on foot from downtown Jasper via the pedestrian underpass at the end of Hazel Avenue. Open from dawn to dusk daily.

Leduc: Off-Leash Dog Parks
Leduc has two off-leash dog parks that are open 24 hours a day: K9 Off-Leash Dog Park, located on the east side of William F. Lede Park; and Barclay Off-Leash Dog Park, located in Leduc’s northern industrial area at 3914 - 77 Ave.

Lethbridge: Off-Leash Dog Parks
There are four dog parks in Lethbridge: Scenic Drive Dog Run, located west of Scenic Drive and 11 Avenue; Peenaquim Park Dog Run, located just north of the access road at the base of the coulees; and Popson Park Dog Run, located in Popson Park between the boat launch and the picnic shelter. Due to very wet, muddy and slippery conditions, the RiverStone Dog Park off-leash area is temporarily closed, effective Tuesday, April 10. Park rehabilitation planning is currently underway and improvements to the park are expected to be made as soon as possible.

Red Deer: Off-Leash Dog Parks
There are two dog parks in Red Deer: Oxbows Off Leash Park, located at the corner of 19 Street and 40 Avenue; and Three Mile Bend Off Leash Park, located on the North Bank Trail near the Red Deer River.

Spruce Grove: Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area, Century Rd, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 0G6
Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area has a designated section for small dogs.

Spruce Grove: Marlboro Off-Leash Park, Malboro Off-leash Park, 49 Marlboro Dr, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2L5
Located near Heritage Grove Park, this unfenced area can be accessed from the Heritage Grove Park trail system or pathway between 48 and 50 Marlboro Drive.

St. Albert: Dog-Friendly Parks and Off-Leash Areas
The City of St. Albert has two dog-friendly parks: Lacombe Lake Park and Dodger Dog Park (located in the Campbell Business Area), as well as a number of designated off-leash areas that includes outdoor boarded rinks.

Strathcona: Deermound Off-Leash Park
Located on Highway 21 and Highway 628, the park is Strathcona County's only dog off-leash site. The Deermound Off-leash Park is not fully fenced.


Burnaby: Dog Off-Leash Areas
Specific off-leash areas have been designated in portions of certain parks in Burnaby. These sites are not exclusively for dogs and are shared with all park users: These sites are not exclusively for dogs and are shared with all park users: Off-Leash Sites in Burnaby; Burnaby Heights Park; Confederation Park (year round on loop trail north of Penzance Dr. and enclosures); Robert Burnaby Park (year round on hydro corridor and adjacent lawn area west of Ramsay Creek); David Gray Park (enclosure, year round); Taylor Park (enclosure, year round); Malvern Park (trail and open area, year round); Warner Loat Park (enclosure, year round); Barnet Marine Park (portion of Drummond’s Walk area with restrictions); Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park; Byrne Creek Dyke trail (year round); and Picnic Meadow (lawn north of picnic shelters with restrictions).

Chilliwack: Dog Off-Leash Areas
Certain areas in around Chilliwack are designated as off-leash areas for dogs: Vedder Park; Island 22; Cultus Lake; Sheffield Dog Off Leash Area; and Vedder North Dyke Trail.

Coquitlam: Off Leash Dog Areas
There are off leash dog areas in the following parks: Bramble Park, Glen Park, Leigh Park, Miller Park, Mundy Park, and Ridge Park.

Delta: Off-Leash Dog Areas
Delta offers 12 leash-optional areas for licensed dogs: North 40 Park Reserve; Paterson Park; Cougar Canyon Environmental Reserve; Deliver Park; Devon Gardens Park; Huff Hydro Park Reserve; North Delta Recreation Centre; Scott 72 Park Reserve; Beach Grove Park; Boundary Beach Park Reserve; Dennison Park; and Pebble Hill Park.

Kamloops: Aberdeen Hills Dog Park, 1245 Howe Rd,. Kamloops, BC
The dog park has a separate, fenced-in area for small dogs.

Kamloops: River Street Dog Park, 1110 River St., Kamloops, BC
The dog park is fenced with benches and bag dispensers.

Kelowna: Dog Parks
There are 8 off-leash dog areas in Kelowna parks: North Glenmore Dog Park, 2150 Glenmore Rd N; Ellison Dog Park, 4720 Old Vernon Rd.; Enterprise Park, 2500 Enterprise Way; Cedar Creek Park, 5200 Lakeshore Rd.; Rutland Recreation Park, 645 Dodd Rd.; Duggan Park,1494 Bernard Ave.; Mission Recreation Park, 4105 Gordon Dr.; and Knox Mountain Park, 450 Knox Mountain Dr.

Langley: Uplands Dog Off Leash Park, 206 Street and 44A Avenue, Langley, BC
Uplands is an 18 acre, fully fenced area with a perimeter walking path where dogs and owners can meet and enjoy a large open space for walking and playing. There is a paved parking lot and a washroom located off of 208 Street.

Langley: Linwood Park Dog Park, 201 A Street & Michaud Crescent, Langley, BC
Linwood Park has a dog-off-leash park and community garden site.

Nanaimo: Off-Leash Dog Parks
There are 12 off-leash dog parks in Nanaimo: Beban Park (entrance off Labieux Rd); Cable Bay Trail (ROW Nicola Rd); Westwood Lake (area at the back of the park by the power lines); Colliery Dam Park (upper dam trail only); Beaufort Park (grassy portion accessed off of Chelsea Rd); Diver Lake Park (off-leash between October 1 and April 30); St. George Ravine Park; Invermere Beach Park (check tide information to ensure tide is out far enough); May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park (forested land adjacent to park); Gallow's Park (Protection Island); and Northfield Park (Parkway Highway rest stop behind visitor info kiosk).

North Vancouver: Dogs in City Parks
Dogs are welcome in many City of North Vancouver parks, including the leash-optional Lynnmouth, Mosquito Creek West and Kings Mill Walk parks.

Osoyoos: Off-Leash Dog Park
Located at the West Bench Complex next to Osoyoos Secondary School, the off-leash dog park is a fully enclosed former ball diamond where dogs of all sizes can enjoy running free of a leash. The Off-Leash Dog Park is connected to the Irrigation Canal Trail.

Penticton: Off-Leash Areas
Penticton has three off-leash areas: City Yards, 2088 Dartmouth Road; Water Treatment Plant, 1900 Penticton Avenue; and Ellis Creek Park, 100 Industrial Avenue West. All three areas are fully-fenced.

Port Coquitlam: Off-Leash Dog Areas
The Downtown Off-leash Dog Area and the Shaughnessy Off-leash Dog Park Area are the only public spaces in the City of Port Coquitlam where dogs may be off-leash.

Port Moody: Dog Off-Leash Parks
Dogs are allowed off-leash at the following unfenced, natural areas: South end of Hugh Street; Bert Flinn Park - East/West connector right-of-way, which is a wide trail leading west from Heritage Mountain Blvd & David Avenue; and North end of Westhill Park. A fenced dog run is also located at Rocky Point Park, adjacent to Slaughterhouse Creek.

Surrey: Dog Off-Leash Areas
Dogs are allowed off-leash in designated areas within the city: Blackie Spit Park, 3136 McBride Avenue; Bolivar Park, 13591 Crestview Drive; Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park, 7011 188 Street; Dogwood Park, 13485 - 20 Avenue; Forsyth Park, 10632 - 139 Street; Freedom Dog Park, 15452 - 84 Avenue; Kennedy Park, 12171- 90 Avenue; Panorama Park, 12863 - 60 Avenue; Serpentine Dog-Off Leash Park, 12589 - 76 Avenue; Tannery Park, 10761 Dyke Road; Tynehead Regional Park, 168 Street Parking lot (by pedestrian overpass); and Wills Brook Park, 2955 160 Street.

Port Moody: Dog Off-Leash Parks
Dogs are allowed off-leash at the following unfenced, natural areas: South end of Hugh Street (behind the 7-11); East/West connector right-of-way, which is a wide trail leading west from Heritage Mountain Blvd & David Avenue; North end of Westhill Park. A fenced dog run is also located at Rocky Point Park, adjacent to Slaughterhouse Creek.

Vancouver: City of Vancouver Dog Off-Leash Areas
Dogs are welcome in all of Vancouver's parks and must be on leash unless they are in a designated dog off-leash area. Special off-leash privileges are available during specific times at selected locations.

Vernon: Dog-Permitted Parks in Greater Vernon
Residents and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of local off-leash dog parks in Vernon. The City of Vernon is conducting a 2-year trial to allow on-leash dogs in Polson Park.

Victoria: Paws in Parks
There are 13 leash-optional areas for responsible dog owners in Victoria. Each leash-optional area has a specific location and time when dogs can exercise off-leash, and has a dispenser stocked with biodegradable doggie bags and a trash bin. With the exception of these leash-optional areas and private property, all dogs must be on a leash in the City of Victoria.

Whistler: Dog Off-Leash Areas
Whistler has four parks with designated off-leash areas: Alpha Lake Park, includes a gravel off-leash dog area known as "Arfa Park" and a designated dog dock; Bayly Park, includes a dog "off-leash" area; Rainbow Park - Barking bay at the south end of the Rainbow Park is a small grass lawn off-leaseh dog areas with access to the swimming dock.; and Lost Lake Park - dogs are welcome at "Canine Cove" 400 metres to the north of Lost Lake beach, but are are not permitted on Lost Lake beach. Dogs are not permitted on public beaches, playgrounds and waterparks.

White Rock: Off-Leash Dog Area
The off-leash dog area is located in Ruth Johnson Park (adjacent to Centennial Park - 14600 North Bluff Road).


Brandon: Dog Parks
There are currently three dog parks located in the City of Brandon: Doggy Diamond, 2720 Park Avenue; East End Paw Park, 11 Street East & Victoria Avenue East; and Hanbury Hill Pooch Park, 600 Braecrest Drive. All dogs must have current City of Brandon license.

Winnipeg: Off-Leash Dog Areas
Eleven sites for off-leash dog areas have been selected in Winnipeg parks and public spaces: Little Mountain Park, located at the north/west corner of the park at Klimpke Rd. & Farmer Avenue; Kil-Cona Park, located east of parking lot on hill, and has a natural boundary of water to the north, east and south; King's Park, located at Kilkenny Dr. and Kings Dr., the Off-Leash Dog area is north east of retention pond; Maple Grove Park, located at St. Mary's Rd and the Perimeter Hwy; Mazenod Park/Retention Pond; Bourkevale Park, located at 100 Ferry Rd., the Off-Leash Dog Area is south of dike, along riverbank; Westview Park, located at Midland & Saskatchewan Ave., the entire park is an off-leash area; Sturgeon Road & Silver Avenue; Woodsworth Park; Charleswood Dog Park; and Downtown Dog Park, located at Assiniboine Avenue & Garry Street. There is no lighting at any of the locations


Fredericton: Dog Parks
There are two dog parks in Fredericton: Knowledge Park Drive Dog Park, located at Scotiabank Park South next to the Grant•Harvey Centre, 600 Knowledge Park Dr.; and Cityview Dog Park, located on Cityview Avenue, off of Main Street on Fredericton’s Northside. Knowledge Park Drive Dog Park is completely fenced in and features separate areas for large and small dogs. Cityview Dog Park is a completely fenced-in facility on 3/4 of an acre, with a separate area for large and small dogs,

Grand Bay-Westfield: Grand Bay-Westfield Dog Park
The Grand Bay-Westfield Dog Park is a 1 acre fenced area located at 319 Highland Road, Grand Bay-Westfield. There is a small dog area for dogs under 30 lbs. and a large dog area for dogs over 30 lbs.

Quispamsis: Homestar Off Leash Dog Park, 222 Vincent Road, Quispamsis, NB E2E 0A8
Homestar Off Leash Dog Park is a fenced space a half acre in size with a trail that loops around the perimeter, connecting to Matthew’s Brook Trail via the Vincent Road pedestrian underpass.

Saint John: Off Leash "Bark Parks"
Rockwood Park is home to a fenced in leash free area, known as the Bark Park, located at the Fisher Lakes/Hawthorne Street entrance to the Park. It is open all year long, however parking and vehicle access is restricted to April-December. Rainbow Park is also home to a Bark Park and can be accessed 24 hours a day, year round.

Sussex: Bark Park
Located at the end of McLeod Drive, the dog park is a completely fenced in facility situated on ¾ of an acre and ieasily accessible from the walking trail.


Grand Falls-Windsor: Off-Leash Dog Park
The Grand Falls-Windsor Dog Park is located on Main Street adjacent to the Main Street Softball Fields.

St. John's: Dog Parks
St. John's has six dog park locations. Quidi Vidi and Bidgoods Park (Goulds) have two parks - one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Mundy Pond, Waterford Valley and Shea Heights locations have large dog parks.


Yellowknife: Off-Leash Dog Areas
There is one enclosed dog park and three designated off-leash dog areas in Yellowknife: Yellowknife Dog Park, an enclosed park located behind the Yellowknife Curling Club; Tin Can Hill, an open area located just off of School Draw Ave.; Sandpits; an open area located about 3 km west of the airport; and Fiddler's Lake Road.


Bridgewater: South Shore Vet Dog Zone, 543 Glen Allan Drive, Bridgewater, NS
The South Shore Vet Dog Zone is a fully fenced-in off-leash park located next to the HB Studios Fieldhouse off Glen Allan Dr. The Dog Zone has ample parking and is connected to the local trail system for a beautiful walk to the downtown core. The park has a 'small dog" and "all dog" section to ensure everyone can enjoy this fantastic facility.

Halifax: Off-Leash Dog Parks
There are designated off-leash areas in certain municipal parks and sports fields in Halifax. Dogs must have current tags issued by the municipal government.

No listings at this time.


Ajax: Leash-Free Dog Parks
Ajax has two leash free areas: Greenwood Conservation Area, located north on Westney Road, north of Taunton Road; and Westney Road South & Clements Road, located on the west side of Westney Road South, north of Clements Road.

Barrie: Dog Off Leash Recreation Areas (DOLRAs)
Barrie has two Dog Off-Leash Recreation areas (DOLRAs), located at the Barrie Molson Centre and Sunnidale Park. The Barrie Molson Centre DOLRA offers two separate, fenced areas: one for small dogs up to a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds (.25 acres); the other for all dogs, regardless of size/weight (1.8 acres). The Sunnidale Park DOLRA is located in a natural, rolling setting with earthen footpaths and is double-gated with 4' high wire mesh fencing. The total off-leash area is 2.89 hectares (7.15 acres) in size.

Belleville/Quinte: Off-Leash Areas
There are two off-leash areas in the Quinte region. The first is an off-leash trail (the "Pooch Path") at the Quinte Conservation area. The Pooch Path is not fenced, and is used by those who wish to hike with their dog. The second is Quinte Dog Park at East Zwick's park, a three acre, totally fenced dog park with a double gated entrance for your safety.

Bradford: Scanlon Creek Conservation Area Bark Park, 2450 9th Line, Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON L3Z 2A5
Scanlon Creek Conservation Area is home to an off-leash dog park.

Brampton: Off-Leash Dog Areas
Brampton has the following leash-free dog parks: Bramalea Ltd Community Park, 1030 Williams Pky; Chris Gibson Park, 135 Mclaughlin Rd N; Duggan Park, 73 Vodden St E; and White Spruce Park, 10302 Heart Lake Rd.

Brantford: Dogford Park
Brantford’s first off leash dog park, Dogford Park is located on the west side of Gilkison Street south of Colborne Street West and just past the Veteran's Memorial Parkway overpass.

Kingston: Off Leash Dog Parks
There are four fully fenced, leash-free dog parks in Kingston: Rotary Park, 1280 Coverdale Dr.; MacLean Trail Park, 918 Hwy. 15; Meadowbrook Park, 444 Kingsdale Ave.; and Memorial Centre, 303 York St. Grass Creek Park, 2991 Hwy. 2 E., has some gaps in the fencing.

Kitchener: McLennan Park Dog Park, 901 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener, ON
There is a leash-free dog park and picnic shelter in McLennan Park.

London: Off-Leash Dog Parks
Dog owners in London have access to five off-leash parks to exercise and socialize with their pets. Off-leash areas are fenced or signed and included a fenced area for smaller dogs. These facilities are open year round, from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. (or dusk).

Midland: Off-Leash Dog Parks
There are two off leash dog parks located in part of Little Lake Park and Tiffin Park in the Town of Midland. Open to all dogs with a current valid dog tag. Dog parks are only open from May 1st to October 31st.

Mississauga: Leash Free Zones
The City of Mississauga works with Leash-Free Mississauga to oversee and operate eight leash-free zones. Leash-Free Mississauga is a not for profit volunteer group that provides public dog-related educational programming, stewardship and organizes events at the leash-free zones for the benefit of the general public. Membership in Leash-Free Mississauga is $15 for one dog and $20 for two or more dogs.

Oakville: Leash-Free Dog Parks
Leash-free dog parks in Oakville are fully fenced areas where owners are allowed to have up to two dogs off-leash at a time. They are self-funded by dog walking groups and operate year round, seven days a week from dawn to dusk.

Oakville: Bronte Creek Provincial Park, 1219 Burloak Dr, Oakville, ON L6M 4J7
Bronte Creek Provincial Park has two leash free areas; one is a .5 km loop located in the Day-Use area and one 2 km loop in the Campground. Pets must be leashed at all times throughout the year while visiting Bronte Creek Provincial Park, except when using one of 2 designated leash free areas.

Ottawa: Dogs in Park
The "Dogs-in-Parks Designation Policy" has been developed in consideration of all people who use City parkland. Some parks have designated 'leash-optional' zones, and some parks have designated times of the day when dogs may be off-leash. Signs are posted to inform the public of whether dogs are prohibited or if they must be leashed. In all parks dogs are prohibited from being within five (5) meters of all children's play areas and pools.

Parry Sound: Off Leash Areas
Parry Sound has two areas where dogs may walk off of their leashes: Rugged Fitness Trail, located along the shoreline north-west of the Salt Docks on Salt Dock Rd.; and Yvonne Williams Park Dog Obedience Training Area, located at the corner of William St. and Mill Lake Rd. Within the park there is a fenced area labeled as the "Dog Obedience Training Area" wwhere dogs may be let off of their leashes.

Peterborough: Off-Leash Dog Park
The off-leash dog park is located along the south side of the Willow Creek Trail, within Farmcrest Park (1900 Ashburnham Drive). Entrance to Farmcrest Park is directly across from the Peterborough Utilities parking lot.

Pickering: Grand Valley Park Leash-Free Areas
Located on the Third Concession, west of Valley Farm Road also known as the South Trail Head for Seaton Hiking Trail, Grand Valley Park has 2 designated leash free areas within the park. The main leash free area is the gated and fenced area located west of the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. The smaller leash free area is for those with mobility issues or for those with small dogs. This is the gated and fenced area adjacent and close to the parking lot as some users may have difficulty accessing the main off-leash area at the bottom of the hill.

Port Elgin: Saugeen Shores Off-Leash Dog Park
The dog park is fully fenced, poopy station equipped and open from dawn until dusk.

Richmond Hill: Off-Leash Areas
Richmond Hill has two off leash dog areas: Phyllis Rawlinson Park Off Leash Dog Area, a fenced area located in Phyllis Rawlinson Park; and Tower Hill Off Leash Dog Area, an open space is located south of Tower Hill Road, just west of Yonge Street.

Stratford: Stratford Dog Park
Located off Packham Road, at the south end of Stratford, the Stratford Dog Park is surrounded by a five foot chain link fence, with a double gated entry for extra safety. With its 6 acres of open field, a natural grass area, wooded pathways and a small creek, the varied terrain makes the park a safe and pleasant experience for both dog and owner. With the park's additional, interior fencing, you are afforded the choice of entering the woods or simply having your dog(s) romp the field. There is a large fenced off space designed specifically for small, vulnerable or elderly dogs.

Toronto: Dog Off-Leash Areas
Designated off-leash areas in Toronto City parks are built to create an enclosed area for dogs to socialize and run free

Waterloo: Bechtel Park Dog Park, 185 Bridge St. W., Waterloo, ON N2J 4AB
The Dog Park is fully fenced 5 acres, located behind the sports complex at Bechtel Park (near the intersection of Bridge Street and University Avenue East at 185 Bridge St. W.).

Windsor: Dog Parks
There are currently three Off-Leash Dog Parks within the City of Windsor: Ford Test Track Dog Park, 3001 Seminole Drive, north end of the park; Optimist Memorial Dog Park, 1075 Ypres Boulevard; and Remington Booster Dog Park, 701 Edinborough Street.


Charlottetown: Dog Parks
Off-leash dog parks in Charlottetown are available at the following locations: Hillsborough Park Dog Park is located off Acadian Drive in Hillsborough Park; PEI Humane Society, located behind the Shelter at 309 Sherwood Road in Charlottetown; and Upton Farmlands, located at the Trans Canada Highway and Upton Road.


Brossard: Canine exercise Area (Lautrec park), 4000 Boulevard Rome, Brossard, QC
The canine exercise area is located at the corner of boulevard De Rome and Lautrec street in Brossard.

Montreal: Dog Parks
There are more than 50 dog parks in Montréal and are the only public places in Montréal where dogs are allowed to run and play freely without a leash.

Montreal, Saint-Laurent: Dog exercise areas
The exercise areas are located in the following locations: Parc Cousineau, corner of Avenue O’Brien and Rue Poirier; Parc du Bois-Franc (to come), on Rue Modigliani between Des Outardes and Des Andes; Parc Gohier, corner of Beaudet and Leduc streets; Parc Marcel-Laurin, corner of Thimens and Alexis-Nihon boulevards; Parc Philippe-Laheurte, at the west end of the park; and Parc Guillaume-Bruneau, corner of Jean-Gascon and Vittorio-Fioruci streets.


Fort Saskatchewan: Off Leash Dog Park
Located at 54310 - RR231, just off of Pointe Aux Pins Road and adjacent to the Dow Centennial Fields, the Dog Park features 38 acres of fenced area.

Regina: Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park, 2110 Forget Street, Regina, SK
This park is partially fenced and bordered by Wascana Creek.

Regina: Ross Industrial Off-Leash Dog Park, 624 Solomon Crescent, Regina, SK
Ross Industrial Off-Leash Dog Park is fully fenced.

Saskatoon: Dog Parks
There are 10 locations in Saskatoon where dogs are allowed off leash. A valid dog license is required to access any Dog Park.


Whitehorse: Canine Bluffs Off Leash Park
Canine Bluffs Off Leash Park is a fenced dog park located at the end of 6th and Main.